Take Dollars Away From Woke Corporations — Switch To A (Real) Patriot Coffee Company

We have a problem in America.

Big corporations take money from conservatives — and give it to the Left.

Democrat politicians, BLM, and anti-conservative organizations get lots of money from big companies. And Liberals laugh all the way to the bank.

They want you to think there’s no other way. They want you to lose hope. But there are two easy ways to make a difference:

1. Buy local. Support your local conservatives at the farmer’s market and locally-owned stores.
2. Instead of getting your coffee from a woke corporation, try Mount Rushmore’s Coffee Company’s award-winning coffee.

The best part: Mount Rushmore offers a 100% money back guarantee. No need to even return the coffee, if you aren’t completely satisfied.

The founder of Mount Rushmore Coffee Company says, “I founded the Mount Rushmore Coffee Company as a way to fight back against the radical, anti-American forces….All our many coffee roasts are named after an important American icon or piece of our history.”

Quality coffee and support for conservatives at Mount Rushmore Coffee Company — give them a try!

Here’s what people are saying about Mount Rushmore Coffee Company:

— “Ordered the K-Cup capsules. Thought it was great! Smooth not bitter. I will be making another order in the future for sure, including some extra for use at my church. I love supporting conservative companies.” — Martin K.

— "Smooth cup of coffee to start my day. Easy to order and get delivered." —Thomas B.

— "It’s awesome and so yummy. Glad there are patriotic companies who actually have courage to stand up for our rights unlike some other companies that say one thing and then fold like cowards when confronted." — Andy M.

— “Smelled great, tasted smooth and delicious. Loved buying from Patriots.” — Julie C.

Check out these blends:

George Washington’s Rising Sun Blend is named after George Washington’s iconic Rising Sun chair, which he sat in during the Philadelphia Constitutional Convention.

A breakfast blend, George Washington’s Rising Sun is a medium-roasted blend of South American coffees that is as magnificent as an early morning sunrise. Tasting notes include walnuts, mild apple, raisin, and toffee.


The Bald Eagle Freedom Roast is a certified organic coffee. With tasting notes of dark chocolate, molasses and brown sugar, it will have you celebrating freedom every morning.


Columbus Italian Roast is an extra dark Italian roast comprised of an award-winning blend of Central American coffee beans that are expertly slow-roasted in the USA to create a flavor that is as bold as Christopher Columbus himself.


People are saying about Mount Rushmore Coffee:
“FINALLY, a coffee company that genuinely cares about America. Other coffee companies have lied to us about their patriotism while actually being cowards who don’t stand up for what’s right because they’re afraid of being canceled. I’ve been a loyal customer of Mount Rushmore Coffee Company since I first heard about them on social media!” – Jamie S.

"We used to buy another veteran-owned coffee, but we no longer do anymore due to their change in politics. So we switched to Mount Rushmore Coffee Company, this coffee is excellent! Tasty full-bodied." – Kenneth G.

Also, check out Mount Rushmore Coffee Company's K-Cups:


From the Founder of Mount Rushmore Coffee Company:

"Mount Rushmore Coffee Company’s mission is to honor and celebrate America’s history and Founders by offering the freshest and most delicious premium roasted-to-order coffee available online. I founded this coffee company as a way to fight back against the radical, anti-American forces that seek to erase America’s history by toppling statues and teaching fake, revisionist history in schools in an effort to teach children to hate America and the Founding Fathers. All of our many coffee roasts are named after an important American icon or piece of our history. Some names include ‘Benjamin Franklin’s Electric Espresso’ and ‘Thomas Jefferson’s Pumpkin Spice.’ We ensure that our coffee is the most flavorful coffee you’ve ever tasted. It’s our way to give something back to this great country and the heroes who came before us and fought for our freedom. If you love America and its history as much as I do, order a bag of Mount Rushmore Coffee today and start drinking coffee from a company that shares for values and wants to fight for the future of this country.”

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