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    Starbucks Issues US Vaccine Requirement, Full Details

    Starbucks Issues US Vaccine Requirement, Full Details

    Starbucks will require its U.S. employees to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or undergo weekly testing to comply with Biden's federal mandates, according to an update emailed to employees on Monday.

    Starbucks' approximately 220,000 U.S. employees must disclose their vaccination status by Jan. 10, according to a letter sent to staff on Dec. 27 and repeated in a weekly update on Monday by Chief Operating Officer John Culver.

    If employees do not want to get vaccinated, they must be tested weekly instead, and they are responsible for obtaining their own government-approved tests and submitting results.

    As a result of all this disturbing news, many American coffee enthusiasts have switched from Starbucks to to order their coffee online.

    Mount Rushmore Coffee Company strongly opposes any vaccine requirements and will never comply with the Biden Administration's anti-American policies.

    Unlike Starbucks, which openly promotes the hate-group 'Black Lives Matter,' Mount Rushmore Coffee Company's aim is to honor America's history and the Founding Fathers by providing the finest and freshest premium roasted coffee available on the internet.

    I, Steeve Strange, started this coffee company to combat the radical, anti-American forces that wish to obliterate America's history by toppling statues and teaching false, revisionist history in schools in order to teach children to despise America and the Founding Fathers.

    All of our coffee roasts are named after a significant American icon or event in our country's history. Names like 'Benjamin Franklin's Electric Espresso' and 'Thomas Jefferson's Pumpkin Spice' are among them.

    We ensure that our coffee is the freshest, most flavorful coffee you’ve ever tasted. It’s our way to give something back to this great country and the heroes who came before us and fought for our freedom.

    Whole bean coffee is roasted the same day it ships — ground coffee is shipped the day after roasting (to give the naturally-released gasses time to expand).

    Here are some of our most popular roasts:

    "George Washington's Rising Sun" blend is named after George Washington's famed Rising Sun chair, which he sat in at the Philadelphia Constitutional Convention.

    George Washington's Rising Sun, a breakfast blend, is a medium-roasted blend of South American coffees that is as magnificent as an early morning sunrise. Walnuts, light apple, raisin, and toffee are among the flavor notes.

    "Abe Lincoln’s Gettysburg Mocha" is an all-natural flavored coffee with a rich chocolate decadence gently infused into a medium roast specialty grade arabica bean.

    "Ulysses S. Grant's Christmas Blend" is named after the president that made Christmas a federal holiday. It’s a medium roast blend of Peruvian, Brazilian, and Indian coffees.

    We also offer K Cups in 12 pack or 60 pack options.

    Here’s what patriots are saying about Mount Rushmore Coffee:

    “FINALLY, a coffee company that genuinely cares about America. Other coffee companies have lied to us about their patriotism while actually being cowards who don’t stand up for what’s right because they’re afraid of being canceled. I’ve been a loyal customer of Mount Rushmore Coffee Company since I first heard about them on social media!” – Jamie

    “I used to drink coffee from that other company that claims to be patriots, but I stopped after they refused to support Kyle Rittenhouse because they are cowards. When I learned about Mount Rushmore Coffee Company, I knew they were TRUE patriots and started buying their coffee immediately! Louisiana Purchase French Vanilla is my favorite roast! Their coffee is delicious and fresh, and they truly respect America’s history. I wholeheartedly recommend them to all of my friends.” – Martin

    When you order from Mount Rushmore Coffee Company, you'll get quality coffee and excellent customer service — give us a shot! We will give you a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with our coffee after your first purchase. We want you to feel comfortable trying us out!

    If you love America and its history as much as we do, get a bag of Mount Rushmore Coffee today and start drinking coffee from a company that shares your values and wants to fight for this country's future.

    God bless you, and God bless America.

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    Edward Zitek calendar_today

    Bravo, I don’t support a company who don’t support our military. F starbucks!!

    Joseph Gusek calendar_today

    Do you have decaffeinated coffee.

    Bob Buckley calendar_today

    Do you carry decaf

    Lee calendar_today

    I dont drink starbucks anyway but i would say to those freedom loving Americans stop supporting a communist company this is unconstitutional and if it was me i know we all need to support our familys but theres alot of jobs out there i would find one that loves and cares about America god Bless America

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